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The short and somewhat obvious answer as to why some watches are more expensive pre-owned is because of supply and demand. Not enough of a particular watch in

Interested in selling a pre-owned watch? Get your quote. Want to sell your vintage watch through the HODINKEE Shop? Click here. A little over two months ago, Crown &

Watches, like clothing, are varied in sizes, colors, styles, materials, and a myriad of other accents and factors that make each piece unique. Here, on Unwound, we often

Regardless of whether a watch enthusiast is new to the hobby or has a massive collection, each of them tend to remember when and how they got into

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Each year, the watch industry has a plethora of exciting events. Almost every month, there’s a different auction or exhibition you can attend. Some are larger and better

WatchTime New York is the largest luxury watch event in America, held annually in the heart of Manhattan. Here, collectors, enthusiasts, and members of the industry come together

Of all the luxury watch brands, Jaeger-LeCoultre may seem like one of the more unattainable to the average buyer. Even in the pre-owned market, their models can be